Time and attendance solution for smaller companies

Time and attendance reader in a panel

Reader located at the main entry is integrated in an entry panel, where it occupies space of a single button or module and at the same time it serves as entry reader for time and attendance purposes, where it registers employees’ arrivals.

Touch terminal of time and attendance system

When departing from office, the employees choose the reason for departure (lunch break, business trip, etc.) at the touch terminal and after using their ID the event is registered in time and attendance evidence.

Communication converter

The entire system is continuously communicating with the database in a local computer using a communication converter in technical room and enables to display the time and attendance summaries in real time.

Wall-mounted reader at the technical room entry

The entrance to other rooms are secured with a standard wall-mounted readers, which enables access only for selected employees.

Time and attendance evaluation

All employees can see their time and attendance data and check their worked hours using web overviews. The time and attendance data operators can furthermore change data and create data exports.

The time and attendance system registers the arrivals and departures of employees, which are processed in well-arranged summaries. The entire system communicated with the server using a communication converter.

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